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Spiritual Bae (B.rown A.wakend + E.nlightened) Tribe is Dogma Dismantling RADICAL  REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE owned by a FAT BLACK WOMXN and devoted to centering, unifying, radically educating, and spiritually liberating BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) both Queer and Non-Queer Identifying while we release suporotive ways to creatively express & live our truth Freely AF!!!

Our philosophy is rooted in unapologetic truth as our key to living Free AF,  but also influenced by African Earth Based African/Indigenous spiritual practices, philosophy, and modern creative expression to give a voice to those who feel spiritually deprived and disconnected,and have lived life based on systematic disenfranchisement,societal programming, religious dogma,and have been taught to  base their value and worthiness on something externally outside of themselves while simultaneously have been disconnected from their cultures suppressed, destroyed, and whitewashed.

This is not a movement or just a capitalistic endeavor Spiritual BAE Tribe Co is living and breathing organism. We are building an ecosystem and community that support radical decolonization, reclamation, expression of truth and liberation.

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