About Us

Spiritual Bae (B.rown A.wakend + E.nlightened) Tribe is Dogma Dismantling RADICAL  REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE owned by a FAT BLACK WOMXN and devoted to centering, unifying, radically educating, and spiritually liberating BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) both Queer and Non-Queer Identifying while we release suporotive ways to creatively express & live our truth Freely AF!!!


Black Owned & Woman Powered

Hi, I’m Angelea aka The Spiritual Bae i’m a radical womxn of the earth, intuitive artist, blitch on a radical mission to create a radical socially responsible & ethical company that’s here to fuck up the current paradigms, dismantle denial and is grounded in truth-telling,truth-finding, and truth wearing. 
I’m the HWIC (Head Witch In Charge) of Spiritual BAE,
This is a Black Woman Owned &Designed & Made Enterprise!!! Yep, thats right I wear all the hats founder, designer, photographer, web designer, customer service, distribution, and I even make the tees myself.

My work and mission are ever evolving, but currently, my work is centered around Spiritual Liberation and currently meets at the intersection of truth, spirituality, (activism) racial & environmental justice, art, fashion, metaphysics/mysticism,and community. 

I founded Spiritual BAE in Nashville my hometown and currently reside and do business in Phoenix,AZ.

I’m a homeschooler & mama to a disabled child, partner to my hubs, spiritual liberation advocate, and plant medicine practitioner. I enjoy hot foods my fav are hot wings, hot chicken, and hot cheetos.


Our Designers

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Zodiac Satin Slip Dress
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