meet the spiritual bae

background info

I’m Angelea/Leah aka The SpiritualBAE of Spiritual BAE Village , im the Owner, Founder, Blitch of Mama Earthdom an ethical enterprise & ecosystem of radical social passion biz + projects + community supported experiential concepts that We do our best to consciously and purposefully materialize into the world.

We understand this economic system is at the center of a lot of harm, exploitation of folx,land, and resources, oppression and it’s something that doesn’t sit well with us. We have goals of being as ethical as we can, and doing our best to build a socially responsible biz,while still growing and being able to employ + support both ours and many families to come.

my philosophy

We believe spirituality is the foundation upon which any healing/decolonization, and reclamation must begin. Thass exactly what our radical liberation workshops and merch are rooted in and based upon. We believe innately spirituality is a reconnection to our ancestral medicine and living our truths unapologetically.

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About our future

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The visionaries

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my work

My work and mission are ever evolving, but currently, my work is centered around Spiritual Liberation and currently meets at the intersection of spirituality, (activism) racial & environmental justice, art, fashion, metaphysics/mysticism,andcommunity.  I founded Spiritual BAE in Nashville my hometown and currently reside and do business in Phoenix,AZ.

The womxn behind the brand: Angelea

I’m a homeschooler & mama to a disabled child, partner to my hubs, spiritual liberation advocate, and plant medicine practitioner. I enjoy hot foods my fav are hot wings, hot chicken, and hot cheetos.

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