UPDATE 2020. This iteration of Spiritual Bae has come to an end. TY for your support.

Spiritual BAE is self funded and ran super scrappy and while we enjoyed our run, we know its time for a change. We believe we can do work that feels good to us, be finacially successful, and grow + operate an ethical & sustainable, community-supported, liberating, and empowering brand in this world while being successful and radically generous.

Our work and art is very near an dear to us and it was hard to take this time off, but it's so necessary to better understand and create the business that serves both me and you spiritual baes and doing work that is irresistible is exactly that.

I share with y’all, our Spiritual BAEs that this iteration of Spiritual BAE has ended Dec 2019, and I am on the ground floor of developing the new vision & Future of Spiritual BAE. Please bear with me it will take time, and while we are doing that work , I'll continue to share our original + curated content with updates mixed it and some major community call to actions that i know will be fulfilled.

Ive learned a lot within these past 3 years, and failure being ok is one of them. Most importantly I learned year after year that many folx are really ready to be freed in so many ways and areas of their lives, ready to reclaim the practices of their ancestors, ready to get in right relationship with earth and the spirit realm, ready to be the next divine generation of humans liberated from operessive ideology , and that work is near + dear to my heart. It matters and is valuable to our society, planet, and futures. This is our goal and it has always been, this is what we will continue to aspire to do ,but in a much different way.

I say we, but I’m a team of one. In order to make this next version possible it will take more than just me. I Cannot wait to share, as things progress and we create an expressive culture rooted in spiritual liberation for black & indigenous folx , and all people of color. I cannot wait to see a team of folx making this happen.

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Y’all have been so real and receptive and I can’t thank you enough.

In love, lit, & truth
Here’s to Big Thangs in 2020.
Angelea “The Spiritual Bae”